Tuesday, 21 October 2014  
Ukraine vote candidate survives gun and grenade attack: party

KIEV (Reuters) - A Ukrainian election candidate allied to the prime minister was shot at and came under a grenade attack as he left his home late on Monday, and only survived because he was wearing body armor, his party said.

Source: feeds.reuters.com
GOP Calls for Ebola Czar, Gets Czar, Hates Czar

Jim Newell, Salon
The idea that President Obama can do anything to satisfy Republicans on The Ebola is a joke. That’s not what this is about. The narrative has been set and will not be altered by any decisions or concessions. If Obama does one thing that Republican lawmakers call for, the most generous response will be "he should be impeached for not doing it earlier;" more likely, there will just be new conditions placed.

Source: www.realclearpolitics.com

The Incompetence Virus
A Constitutional President In A Celebrity Age
Obama's Post-Congressional Foreign Policy
WH Finds Silver Lining in ISIS, Ebola Crises
Klain to Take Reins of Ebola Effort on Wed.
Fear is no less contagious than Ebola. Be careful not to catch it!

Ebola is a potent virus that we have good reason to be concerned about. However in our culture that thrives on fear, we must be increasingly vigilant not to be swept up by the fear Ebola has incited. Left unchecked fear can quickly set up residence in our psyche and keep us from getting on with the precious business of living.

Source: www.forbes.com

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Total CEO, Oil Buccaneer, Dies In Moscow Plane Crash
Apple Surges Ahead In A Breakout Moment
Total's CEO De Margerie Dies In Plane Crash; Moustachioed Dealmaker Predicted Peak Oil
Designers Showcase Their Collections At The Forbes Under 30 Fashion Show

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